About Us

Vision – What We Do

Our vision is straightforward and clear: British Columbia is recognized as one of the world’s top emerging premium wine regions.

Our mission is to represent the interests of British Columbia wineries dedicated to producing 100% British Columbia grape wines certified by the regulatory body for wine in British Columbia, through marketing, communications and advocacy of their products to all stakeholders.

Our core values are reflected in all the work we do: quality, leadership, dedication, and passion.

Our visionary goals are a broader expression of how we will achieve our vision:

  • BC Wine Institute is recognized as the peak organization and authoritative voice of the BC Wine Industry.
  • British Columbia wineries are knowledgeable about the role and purpose of the BC Wine Institute in contributing to the success of their businesses. 
  • BC Wine Institute maintains a clear, transparent process for responding to matters that have the potential to impact the BC Wine Institute and the BC Wine Industry.
  • Membership represents the majority of wineries and BC VQA Wine sales in BC, and is knowledgeable about the role and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and President/CEO in working on behalf of the BC Wine Industry. 
  • BC Wine Institute supports and grows BC VQA Wine as the premium BC wine standard and ensures that BC VQA Wine is the preferred wine choice of consumers. 
  • BC Wine Institute ensures a premium market for all BC grape supply with benchmarks for global recognition.
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