About Us

Vision – What We Do

Our vision is straightforward and clear: the Wines of British Columbia are recognized across the wolrd as the best, super premium wines.

Our mission is to champion the interests of the British Columbia Wine Industry through marketing, communications and advocacy of its products and experiences to all stakeholders.

Our core values are reflected in all the work we do: quality, leadership, dedication, and passion.

Our visionary goals are a broader expression of how we will achieve our vision.

  • We establish the Wines of British Columbia (BC VQA) as the preferred quality choice of consumers. We do this by educating our consumers to understand that we produce only 100 per cent BC wine (BC VQA). We will create a market share that absorbs our grape production. Our market share in dollars will be greater than any other category in BC (excluding Canadian non-VQA). We will be known for quality wine and memorable wine tourism experiences.
  • We improve the profitability of and business climate for our members. We will work to provide margin enhancement through trade channels, relief from excessive taxation (for example, the federal excise tax), and develop a tourism strategy to increase on-site sales and to increase the flow of tourism dollars to the wine regions.
  • We create community within the BC wine industry. We will create opportunities for networking, collaboration and education in the industry. We will provide leadership as the voice for industry to media, government, consumers and other stakeholders. We will find common ground amongst industry stakeholders.
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