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For information about the British Columbia Wine Institute, its brands and programs, please contact:

250.762.9744 ext. 101
Responsible for achieving annual Board approved BCWI goals & objectives.

KIMBERLEY BARNES, Marketing Director
250.762.9744 ext. 110
Responsible for BCWI marketing and communication strategic planning & implementation management for the BC wine industry and the Wines of British Columbia brand.

TERESA NYKILCHUK, Marketing Manager
250.762.9744 ext. 109
Responsible for BCWI marketing programs.

TANYA CORMIER, Marketing & Events Coordinator
250.762.9744 ext. 104
Responsible for BCWI events planning & execution, including winery liaison.

LISA BRAMAN, Industry Communications Manager
250.762.9744 ext. 103
Responsible for BCWI member & BC wine industry & stakeholder communications.

LAURA KITTMER, Media Relations Manager
250.762.9744 ext. 108
Responsible for media & public relations.

PATRICIA PRACHER, Accounting Manager
250.762.9744 ext. 106
Responsible for BC VQA wine store and winery payments; and BCWI budgeting, including accounts payables & receivables.

PHILIPPA DOUGLAS, Administrative Assistant
250.762.9744 ext. 112
Responsible for administrative assistance to finance department and marketing/communications department.

TRACI DEMAN, Office Manager
250.762.9744 ext. 105
Responsible for general administrative matters; Board and member meetings; BC VQA wine store licensing; BC VQA products and pricing; and regarding competition consolidations.

Suite 107 - 1726 Dolphin Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9R9 Canada
T: 250.762.9744
F: 250.762.9788
TF: 1.800.661.2294 |

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